​I started working on british cars at the young age of 14 my father bought me my first MG in the summer of 1981. I was so in love with my 1970 B who would have known that this would be the start of a life-long passion. When I turned 16 I was offered a job with a local import auto repair shop as an apprentice/mechanic this was when I knew I had found my career. as I only worked the summer cause I had to return back to school for my senior year after graduating I returned back to my job with a new status of mechanic and I worked on several import cars but my favorites were the british cars at that point I had learned my boss was from a family owned MG dealership that's why I was seeing so many british cars and there owners.In 1989 I took the next step and start my own business.



In 1994 I Had installed my first V8  into MGB using the land rover aluminum V8 now this is what I call a marriage made in heaven an MGB with  a powerful reliable V8 engine Since then have completed over 30 conversions and sold several V8 conversion kits for the do-it -yourself guys at home. We build every engine from a bare tested block all the way til its dyno tuned using various displacements We use the LT 77 gearbox as well as the borg warner T5 transmission. And for the differential we use a narrowed GM 10 bolt from mosier with new axles retaining the MG bolt pattern for those that like the stock wheels. We stock in house all the components necessary plus spare parts for sale.  ​We service and repair all makes and models of british cars.